Hello World.
This is my website, i have created this site 26.01.2006. Today is 10.02.2021. It is a lot of time.
Firstly i want to introduce myself...
I am webmaster. I don't think new generation uses this word. But in my times, webmaster was making everything about webpage. Coding , designing,everything.
You can ask me, why this website is so ugly. Because, on these days i am very busy. Busy for work, and busy for my private life. I am writing this in English, because i have no time to chat with myself. I am using my English study time.
I don't think no-one read this.
In 2006 i was student and working a company for website building. i learnt lots of things on that company. i didnt take money from my family, i worked and studied same time. i was programmed some big websites. But a Site builder programme is my biggest work. I programmed it myself. It was the best of on that years. a lot of years later i saw joomla, wordpress. But my sitebuilder was still better then them. I was advertiesed on facebook for 1 day. 5000 websites was developed on my site builder. I had a small server and i was afraid of my servers was gone offline and i stopped to create new members to developed new sites. The project went only small using. My family launched a worked for building websites, and we used there.